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Our practice areas allow us to follow economic principles and analytical frameworks that are generally accepted across the globe. Nevertheless, specific regulations and local practice urge us to be connected with the world around us. Also, the value of the economic analyses we perform increases when they are put into action. Therefore, we have created a connection with communities globally…


Being an integrated BeNeLux transfer pricing and (tax) valuation firm, we can rely on - where needed - on our privileged (non-exclusive) relation with the renowned tax lawyers of Tiberghien in Belgium and Luxembourg and Atlas in the Netherlands. As such we have access to more than 100 tax lawyers in our 3 base jurisdictions, which allows us to develop transfer pricing and tax valuation solutions that truly integrate economic and juridical aspects.

As transfer pricing is a global issue, we are a (non-exclusive) partner of WTS Global, an independent tax advisory network with partners in more than 100 jurisdictions.

To effectively put our analyses into action, we furthermore cooperate seamlessly with various other aligned experts – for instance for corporate law aspects, for treasury solutions, or post-merger integration. We run an open business model, and are able to collaborate with any party (also concolleagues of our non-exclusive partners), as long as there is a common view on values and mutual trust.

Please also be free to visit the website of our (non-exclusive) partners:


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