Our Values and Philosophies


T/A economics: What’s in a name?

  • T/A” reflects the fact that early 2017, Tivalor Business and Legal Economics and Atlas’ Transfer Pricing professionals decided to join forces and integrate their practices to offer professional services as one BeNeLux value proposition. “T/A” also refers to the (non-exclusive) network we belong to, T/A international, consisting of Tiberghien, Atlas and now T/A economics.

  • economics” is our core business – as simple as that. Today, we deploy our economics competencies in the domains of transfer pricing, valuations, business modelling and legal economics.

Beeld RH Values

Our logo embodies our values

eis our interpretation of how to bring together our core principle of doing business and our key analytical competence:

  • exponential value through shared experiences

The natural exponential function, f(x) = ex, is one of the most fundamentally important functions in mathematics, where:
                       • “e” is the base rate of growth shared by all
                 continually growing processes
“x” is the argument of the function, whereas
                 the value of the exponential function is always
                 higher than the sum of the arguments  

This is exactly what we want to achieve for our clients: Assist them in growing continuously, by providing aligning our arguments to reap incremental benefits and/or reducing risks.

  • connecting the dots

Understanding the relationship between ideas and experiences in our business, drawing logical inferences, connecting items of information to reveal something previously hidden or unknown, is a key competence of our people. Although Steve Jobs claimed that connecting the dots can only be done backward looking, and that for the forward-looking equivalent one has to trust that the dots will somehow connect in the future (Stanford Commencement Adress, 2005), our claim is that with eventual consent in the back of our minds, our analytical and storytelling capabilities enable us to nudge the dots already in the right direction.

Our philosophies: